Seasonal Promotion : Hari Raya Aidilfitri​

Hari Raya Festive Challenge !

NZ COFFEE is having a program for this Hari Raya Festive Season that have a surprise for you guys to enjoy. This Hari Raya Festive is going to need all customer to take a picture of your favorite spot inside our cafe. This giveaway is starting on 16 April 2024 till end of April. Take your Hari Raya OOTD at NZ Coffee with your Baju Raya and claim 1 cup of Latte. Time is Limited so Take Your best shot at our instagrammable spot at our cafe The steps are explained below:-

Terms and Condition

1. Follow all of our social accounts i.e TikTok, Facebook & Instagram

2. Make it so everyone can see your post. Who knows it might be in our Hall of Fame 

3. Tag us with #NZBERAYA

4. Show us your pictures at our payment counter. To redeem your free drinks !